People ask me all the time, “why do you love Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so much”… I thought that I would try to share a few of my reasons… and if you have visited, maybe you have some reasons of your own.

Here are the top reasons I love CABO!

1. Proximity

Cabo is just a quick 2-hour flight from Southern California, so it’s easy for me to get a flight in or out almost any time of the day and any day of the week.  We did drive down from San Diego ONCE, but I don’t recommend it, and don’t have plans to do it again soon! The drive took 2 days and it was quite an adventure..

2. People

I think the people in Cabo are some of the kindest and most hardworking.

3. Pace

Although Cabo is a popular vacation destination, to me it still has a sleepy fishing village vibe. But if you do want to party (like a 20-something on spring break – not saying that I have ever done this) you just need to take a taxi to downtown to some of the iconic places like Giggling Marlin, Squid Roe, or Cabo Wabo to get your party fix. Unlike Cancun or Mazatlan, Cabo doesn’t have any high-rise buildings or hotels. I was once told that the government put a cap on the number of hotel rooms that could be built in Cabo. Whether or not this is true, I have seen very little change in the last 20 years that I’ve been coming here. And I like that.

4. Past-Times

If you prefer a more active vacation then Cabo has everything you need — golfing, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, off-roading, horse rides on the beach, cross-fit, yoga retreats, you name it!

5. Pescado

Great fresh fish – either catch it yourself or eat at a local restaurant. If you like ceviche, you can’t beat it in Cabo! Check out my blog to see my favorite spots to eat.

6. Practice my Spanish 🙂

Did you see my blog about hiring a tutor? (if not, click here to read it!!) I love that when I visit Cabo I can practice my Spanish skills in everyday situations. If your Spanish is not up to speed, no need to worry, many people (especially in the resorts) speak excellent English!
If you would like to hire an online Spanish tutor, click here!!

7. Pigging out

I mentioned the fish, but honestly, there are so many great restaurants in Cabo, you can literally go crazy trying them all. If you prefer to only eat out at night, you can grab a taxi to Walmart or Costco and stock up on all your favorite food and beverages! This works great for those staying in time-shares especially.

8. Price

Although it’s not as cheap as it once was (or as cheap as Bali or Thailand), Cabo is still very affordable when it comes to hotels, housing, excursions and food.

Have you visited Cabo San Lucas before? What did I miss? What are your favorite things about Cabo?! Comment below.