Last week I talked to you about how countries over in Asia have started using Banana Leaves to Replace Plastic.

Today, in keeping with this month’s theme, I wanted to share with you some other super easy changes you can make in your daily life to help save this beautiful home of ours, Planet Earth! 



– Use cold water for laundry.

– Hang laundry out on a clothesline during nice weather.

– Use cloth napkins instead of paper.

– Replace vinyl shower curtains with PVC-free plastic, cloth, or bamboo.

– Use energy-efficient light bulbs. If every house did this, it would reduce pollution comparable to removing one million cars from the road!

– Avoid rinsing dishes out of habit before putting them in the dishwasher. Save that water!



– Make sure your home is properly sealed and insulated. Visit to learn how to do a DIY energy audit!

– Replace dryer sheets with “dryer buddies.” Seriously Google these, they are the cutest things! You can also use vegetable or plant based dryer sheets. Another option, check out this awesome doTERRA DIY for Lavender Dryer Sponges!

– Clean your dryers lint filter before EVERY use. This reduces drying time.

– Buy rechargeable batteries and learn how to dispose of old batteries properly.

– Water your plants in the early morning or late night to minimize evaporation.

– Choose cotton swabs (or Q-tips) with wooden sticks instead of plastic.



– Use reusable shopping bags and bring your plastic bags to recycle drop off locations. You can find one near you at

– Start a compost heap. This puts foot scraps and yard waste to good use and cuts down on greenhouse gases released from landfills.

– Cut down on paper junk mail. There are lots of websites and services that can help you get off of those pesky mailing lists.

– Replace lighters with paper matches! 1.5 billion plastic lighters end up in landfills annually.

– If you use a real Christmas tree every year, recycle it! Many cities offer programs that put old trees to good use as mulch or erosion barriers.

– When not using your fireplace, keep the damper closed. This can reduce your heating bills.



– When you unwrap gifts, save the wrapping paper to be reused! You can also use fabric, newspapers, and other recyclable materials.

– Keep pollution-fighting plants in your home or office, like ficus or pothos.

– Use coconut oil for multiple purposes! Moisturizing, shaving, cooking, makeup removal, and more!

– Try metal razors for shaving instead of plastic. There is a learning curve, but it saves the planet AND saves you money!

– Borrow books at your local library instead of buying them, and buy or borrow used textbooks for classes rather than brand new. (This will also save you money!)

– Donate leftover paint to community projects or companies like Habits for Humanity and PaintCare.

– Make your own cleaning supplies (save on buying multiple plastic bottles, use and refill glass cleaning bottle of OnGuard Concentrate)

– Check out this awesome doTERRA DIY Recipe for Reusable Dust Wipes with Lemon essential oil 

– If old clothing is not good enough to donate, turn it into kitchen cleaning rags or stuff it into pet beds.


– Pick up your dog poo!!! Dog poo left out can spread pathogens into streams when it rains. Use biodegradable bags to pick up, and dispose of them in the trash.



Choose food with protein options other than beef - beef production harms the environment in many ways. Continue reading for more ways you can help save the planet! Click To Tweet

– Use topical flea treatments instead of flea collars. Many of these collars contain carcinogens and are not biodegradable.

– Do not flush cat poo unless you have an indoor-only cat that has been tested negative for toxoplasmosis – this parasite can negatively affect marine life.

– Avoid using cat litter with bentonite clay – it is obtained using a highly destructive and inefficient method called strip-mining.

– And lastly of course: adopt, don’t shop! Adopting a pet will help reduce the demand for breeding and free up space in animal shelters.



– Cut down on screen time and electricity use by spending more time outside with your kids, reading, or playing with other toys such as dolls or board games.



– Choose cloth diapers or environmentally friendly disposable diapers.

– Choose biodegradable baby wipes, and cut them in half for jobs that don’t require a whole one.

– Kids grow fast! Buy or borrow gently used equipment and clothing.

– Check out this safe and easy to make doTERRA DIY for Homemade Diaper Cream!




– Replace plastic straws with metal, glass, or paper ones. Bring them with you to restaurants and bars. Lately I have been noticing more and more people doing this!



– Commit to having at least one vegetarian day a week. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef.

– Buy a reusable takeout container for restaurant leftovers.

– Use a reusable mug or tumbler at coffee shops that will allow it.

– Buy local produce. This cuts down on pollution from transporting goods.

Buy essentials in bulk to cut down on packaging and driving to the store. Store them in reusable containers.

– Plant pollinator-friendly flowers for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.



– Use this Natural Garden Spray recipe and keep your gardens free of chemicals! 

– Buy shade-grown, organic, Fair trade, and Equal Exchange coffee. This protects animals, people, and the planet!

– Microwave popcorn bags are lined with chemicals that are harmful to both people and the planet. Pop the old-fashioned way with a pot or pan and oil.

– Use cast-iron pans. They are free of harmful chemicals and can last for generations.

– Ordering groceries online cuts down on driving and helps you stick to a list, avoiding impulse buys.

– Download the Seafood Watch app from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to keep track of which fish are plentiful, threatened, or polluted to make better consumption choices.

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