I want to share with you my essential oil travel tips for Planes, Trains, & Automobiles! 

Where did you travel to this summer? Going anywhere fun for the holidays?? Here are my best travel oils to keep you healthy and sane!!
— For general travel tummy, use DigestZen.
— Don’t forget to take your vitamins!!
— Lip Balm… gotta have that!
— Keep Correct X first aid ointment around.
CAR RIDES can be rough. Use a car diffuser with Lavender and Balance to mellow out road rage, use Citrus Bliss or Cheer to keep everyone happy, and Peppermint to keep you alert at the end of a long day.

We definitely use a diffuser in the RV, but it would be great for a boat or cruise too. (Prevent seasickness!!)

FOR PLANE RIDESBreathe vapor stick (rub under your nose), OnGuard Plus capsules to boost your immunity, and I never travel on planes without Breathe, OnGuard throat drops, and OnGuard Hand Sanitizer to spray down your airplane tray…(YUCK!)… and sweet little ones hands too!
FOR YOUR HOTEL ROOM: Diffuse in your hotel room as soon as you get there. OnGuard orBreathe to help sanitize the air, Purify to remove allergens, and Lavender or Serenity to help you sleep and get over jet-lag quickly.

Watch my Facebook LIVE video about traveling with oils!

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