So I know I wrote a blog last year about traveling with essential oils (which you can read HERE!) BUT I just got back from Holland and Belgium and now I am already currently packing to leave for Israel, so I thought I would update you all a bit on which essential oil products I have been packing in my bags lately!


The first few products I’m going to mention aren’t actually essential oils, but they contain them! (Click on the product names for links!)

– Lip Balm

If you are a lip balm junkie like me, doTerra has three different ones that I LOVE! Original (peppermint), tropical, and herbal. These are amazing.

– Correct-X

This is a healing essential oil ointment for your skin that contains five essential oils: Frankincense, Helichrysum, Cedarwood, Melaleuca, and Lavender. It’s the perfect travel size to take on the go, and as we all know when we are on the go – things happen! Cuts, scrapes, bug bites, burns, irritations, etc. From paper cuts to pimples, this is what I use… and it’s also kid-friendly! So if you’re traveling with kids this is definitely a must-have.

– Breathe Vapor Stick

As you all know, Breathe Respiratory blend is one of my favorite essential oils that I always keep on hand, but I also love this vapor stick form. It’s basically a vapor rub that just comes in a stick form for easier, convenient use! I like to rub it on my throat, underneath my nose, and over my sinuses if I am feeling congested or have a little cough. This one is kid friendly too, the formula is diluted with a carrier so that it can be used on sensitive skin.

– Breathe Throat Drops and OnGuard Throat Drops

These two essential oil blends both come in cough drop flavors! Breathe has more of a peppermint taste and I’d say OnGuard is more like a spicy cinnamon. I use the OnGuard ones to really numb my throat if it’s feeling super sore and scratchy. If it’s not that severe, then I use the Breathe drops. I like the way the minty flavor just soothes and opens up my airways. I order them both and then just condense them into one bag to save room!

– OnGuard Hand Sanitizer

Spray down your phone, spray on your airplane tray, armrests, button controls, on your hands after touching door handles, etc.! Hand sanitizer is always important!

– OnGuard Softgels

The OnGuard blend is inside these jelly capsules, (so ingredients like cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, and wild orange) in addition to black pepper, oregano, and melissa, all very antiviral and antibacterial. These are going to give you all of the immune boosting support you need. I always take one or two right before I get on a flight, if I didn’t get very much sleep, or if I start to feel something coming on! Getting sick while traveling is the WORST. If I do start to get sick while I’m on the road, these are safe enough to take one every few hours.

– DigestZen

When I travel, I like to try lots of different types of food that I don’t normally eat when I’m at home! If you’re like me then you never know you’re going to eat something that may not agree with you. So this is a great option to keep on hand if you’re prone to heartburn or indigestion. I just put a few drops in my water! You can also just apply a few drops topically to your stomach if you don’t love the flavor.

Now it’s time for the essential oils! Here are the oils that I have been packing in my bag while I’ve been on the road!


– Serenity and Lavender – Great for getting a good nights sleep. Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep in a strange environment! Rub on your wrists and feet. (Wild Orange and Neroli are also good options for sleep.)




– Balance – Be sure to take this one with you if traveling stresses you out.




– Paste Tense – Great to use for when you’re feeling dehydrated, headaches, if you want to spend a day out and about sightseeing, or for when you get jet lagged! I highly recommend keeping this one on hand to use as a pick-me-up.





– Peppermint Touch or Motivate Touch – These ones really just help to keep me going on long days, similar to Paste Tense!






– Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion – doTerra makes the Citrus Bliss Invigorating blend in hand lotion form – yes please!!




There you have it… all of my favorite traveling products! I hope this is helpful to some of you, especially those of you who I know will be taking some trips this year!!