When was the last time you placed an order with dōTERRA?? Now is the time to stock up!

Maybe you stocked up on your summer oils and they’ve been holding you over through the holidays OR maybe you were lucky and got a bunch of dōTERRA products as gifts during the holiday season – so you didn’t have to place any orders!

Whatever the case, if you are looking to place an order and it’s just been so long that you’ve gotten out of the habit, or you’re unsure of what you really want or need and don’t know where to start… then this blog is for you! And that is why I’m going to tell you my TOP FIVE recommendations to keep you healthy through the rest of the year (especially winter)!!

1. Breathe Vapor Stick

I am obsessed with this product and I literally carry this with me everywhere I go. This is a great product to use daily, either rub some on your hands and breathe it in, rub a small amount under your nose or across your sinuses, or rub a small amount behind your ears or on your neck. This will help clear your airways and really open up your lungs for better, easy breathing!

2. Breathe Respiratory Drops

During the winter season our passageways tend to get very dried out by the low air humidity and often times this is what causes us to get sore throats and pesky coughs! I love using these to fight off the bacteria whenever I start to feel those first signs of a scratchy or sore throat.

3. On Guard Drops 

If my symptoms are a little bit more severe, then I’ll turn to these for that extra boost of immunity. These have more of a warm, numbing, spicy flavor due to the Cinnamon and Clove oils, so they are definitely stronger.

4. On Guard+ Softgels

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these tablets, (although I know most of you love these!) these are so much more than just the OnGuard essential oil blend in a pill form. These contain all of those oils PLUS Black Pepper, Oregano, and Melissa essential oils! Hence the name “OnGuard Plus.” This combination is really so amazing for your immune system and knocking out cold symptoms. These are also a great option to keep on hand, not just during the winter season, but all throughout the year. Any time I’m starting to feel run down or a little buggy, I pop a few of these!

5. On Guard Sanitizing Mist

Okay, anyone who knows me knows how much I rave about this product! This is another one that I keep in my purse at all times. It’s not only great to use as a hand sanitizer, which is definitely smart to have on hand during the winter months when colds and germs are spreading around like wildfire, but you can also use this when you are out and about to spray on public surfaces such as door handles, restaurant tables, in public restrooms, shopping carts, at the gym, on your work desk, and basically anywhere else that you touch public surfaces! I especially like to spray it on the one thing that we touch the most throughout the day… our cell phone!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you want to know more or if you have any questions about ordering!

My TOP 5 doTERRA products for Winter Wellness are: Breathe Vapor Stick, Breathe Throat Drops, OnGuard Throat Drops, OnGuard+ Softgels, and OnGuard Sanitizing Mist! Click To Tweet


Did you catch my Facebook Live video where I talked about these 5 products? If not, then watch it below!