In this blog series we are discussing five important tips that will help you with your weight management. In my previous blogs I talked about getting more sleep, drinking more water, eating balanced, nutritious meals (not dieting!), and reducing your intake of processed sugar. Here is my fifth and final tip! 


You are eating right and yet you can’t lose weight. It’s time to explore some hidden fat-storing chemicals that might be hijacking your hormones and you don’t even realize it! 

Perfumes & Synthetic Fragrance

These are added to personal care products to create a unique and pleasant scent, but they are made with chemicals that cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis, they are respiratory irritants, and they disrupt the estrogenic balance in your blood stream.


These are added to cosmetics, shampoos, and food in small amounts to reduce microorganism growth, but seep into your blood stream and disrupt your normal flora, cause skin irritations, and again, disrupt your endocrine system!

Plastic Food Containers & Water Bottles

These are not just bad for the environment, they also contain toxic additives (like DEHP and BPA) to make them soft, which leach into food and drinks. 


These can be neuro-toxic to the system and cause cancer. The best way to avoid pesticides is to choose foods grown without pesticides or with the USDA organic label. Pesticides are not just for agriculture but are found in hand-sanitizers, anti-bacterial soaps, and toothpaste. Watch out for triclosan!!

Processed Foods

The manufacturing process results in a product that typically contains low (or no) fiber, is low fat or pro-inflammatory processed fats, and has extremely high sugar content.

We’ve already covered the dangers of too much added sugar, (see Part 4 of the series!) but the lack of fiber in processed and frozen foods will increase the glycemic load and give a shot of glucose to the blood stream which will cause your insulin to spike too. Systemic inflammation also causes cellular dysfunction all the way to your mitochondria and results in you feeling achy and tired… all the time!

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