If you are looking for the typical eat less, move more advice, you’ve come to the wrong place.  

I’m a registered nurse but I prefer to give you atypical advice that’s geared towards nurses who want all the information, but don’t have time to do all the research.  

My name is Kathi Randall and when I learn about something new I become obsessed and study everything I can get my hands on. I consult with experts, read dozens of articles and books, spend countless hours on YouTube watching videos, and listen to podcasts until I see the connections between all the information and decide the best way to take the information and apply it. Then, I have to find a way to share all this information with others so they can move forward without having to spend all the time that I did. I love helping other people move forward in their health, relationships, and work. Every problem we have will eventually cost us time and money and probably affect our work, our health, and our relationships.  

What is carrying excess weight costing you? How is it affecting your health, your relationships and your belief in yourself?

Are you ready to change?

Are you ready for some atypical advice to move you forward?

In this blog series I am going to discuss five important tips that will help you. Are you ready for number one?


I’m pretty sure you are thinking that I just about asked you to go outside and find a unicorn in your backyard.. but hear me out… This is SUPER important.

Stress increases your level of cortisol in the blood stream (and this makes you gain weight, among many other things). Sleep helps to decrease your cortisol level and allows your brain to wash away the toxic thoughts from the day. You need to sleep more. Start with just 30 minutes more. It will make a HUGE difference, I promise!

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