As exciting as winter can be, with the holiday spirit in the air and the snow on the ground, it can be a difficult time of year for a lot of us.

Some of us may struggle to stay healthy and active during the low temperatures, while others may struggle to keep up financially with all of the shopping and the parties and the presents. Here are some tips to help keep your diet on track, a few extra pennies in your pocket, and your holiday spirits as high as ever!



1. How to stay active during the winter. 

Exercising no matter the temperature is the surest way to set yourself up for health success. Imagine how much easier it will be to keep exercising once the warm weather comes around if you’re already in shape!

If you want to boost your levels of vitamin D, and your mood and energy, there’s nothing like a winter work out. If you’re not into running, there are plenty of winter activities to vary your workouts.

  • Hiking
  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Raking leaves or shoveling snow
  • Ice skating
  • Going for a walk (whether it be with your dog or simply around your local mall)
  • If you have children, you can even help them build a snowman! 



If you are going to exercise outdoors in the winter, always layer with moisture wicking fabrics first, then fleece, and a thin waterproof jacket. Avoid cotton at all costs because it traps moisture and can leave you colder. When it’s raining or snowing, or when it is zero degrees Fahrenheit outside, it is a good idea to take your workout indoors for the day.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a gym membership to get the exercise you need. Search Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube for workouts at your level that you can do at home. Active housework (like vacuuming or sweeping) also counts as good exercise. If you want to read more, check out this article on doTERRA.

2. Essential oils for winter.

These are my top favorite products and oils for winter…

1) Cheer or Cheer Touch – this one is a given! With winter bringing some of the year’s gloomiest days, what could be better than this citrusy and spicey blend specifically designed to boost your spirits.

2) Motivate or Motivate Touch works in a similar way to Cheer, it’s slightly less citrus-y and has more of an herbal, minty combination.

3) For some of us, the holidays can be a time when our anxiety and stress levels are at an all time high. Luckily, Neroli Touch has the perfect aroma to help settle and calm those nerves. Neroli is derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, and when used in combination with Motivate and Cheer, you will be unstoppable!

4) Lavender and Rose or Rose Touch (aka “The Queen of Oils”) are what you need if you are looking to protect your skin from the elements of the cold. Use these with your moisturizer for added benefits in keeping your skin from getting dry or irritated, and reducing the appearance of imperfections. You can also use this combo to soothe chapped knuckles, elbows, and knees!



5) The Shea Butter Collection is one of doTERRA’s new holiday products this year (you can read more about it in my blog doTERRA’s Stocking Stuffers for 2019) but I absolutely love the assortment of balms. These include one Yuzu & Magnolia, one Helichrysum & Rose, one Blue Tansy, Neroli & Yarrow, and one unscented. This collection offers deep moisturization, rich hydration, and also makes for a perfect gift for the holidays!

6) On Guard because let’s be honest, no list would be complete without this blend! Perfect for fighting off germs in and outside of the home, especially during the winter when it’s needed the most. Try the whole family of On Guard products from the hand sanitizing mist to the protective throat lozenges!

7) Eucalyptus and Peppermint are just what you need if you’re looking to clear your airways and help ease your breathing. Apply over the chest, add to steamy bathwater, or diffuse at night. Remember to dilute with FCO for skin sensitivity. (For children, seniors, and ultra sensitive skin, consider using Melaleuca and Spearmint in place of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Both are gentler oils that can also assist in feelings of clear breathing. You can also try Manuka which is New Zealand’s version of Melaleuca!)

8) Spa Rose Hand Lotion and Spa Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion are both excellent options to keep your hands soft and silky during the harsh winter temps. Both lotions are light and fast-absorbing, with uplifting and delicious scents that will leave your skin feeling extra nourished! Another great option is the fragrance-free Spa Hand & Body Lotion, it works just like the others and allows you to customize by using along with your own oils at home!

9) DigestZen is perfect to help ease any stomach discomfort or digestive issues you might be having due to indulging over the holidays. Put a few drops in your water or rub on your stomach or the bottoms of your feet. You can also try the new Ginger throat drops to ease your digestive upset, these are easy to carry in your smallest holiday handbag.

10) Correct X has always been my go to ointment for dry winter skin, and I find it works especially well on my dried cracked cuticles.

11) Even if you have an artificial Christmas tree, you can bring the outside pine scents inside by diffusing one of our many fir oils: Douglas Fir, Siberian Fir, Wintergreen, NEW Black Spruce, or even the Holiday Peace blend – which is only available from November to January each year.

3. Money saving DIYs for winter.

If you’re looking for ways to cut corners this season, here are some fun, free at-home crafts that are just as effective at capturing the nostalgia of the holidays.


1. All you need to do is collect some pinecones from outside and cook them in the oven at 200 degrees F for at least 30 minutes (or until they open up.)

2. Put one drop of essential oil onto each pinecone. doTERRA’s recommended oils for the perfect holiday scents are

3. Next, simply place your wonderfully smelling pinecones in a decorative bowl or on your Christmas tree, when your guests arrive they will be entering a home that smells just like holiday happiness!




1. For this one, all you will need are some cotton balls, a plastic or paper bag, and your favorite essential oils. doTERRA’s recommendations are:

2. Put 5-6 drops of your oils on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball inside a paper or plastic bag with your holiday cards. Seal the bag and let it sit overnight.

3. The next day when you pass out your cards, watch the reactions of your family and friends as they notice the amazing aromas! (You can also do this with wrapping paper!)

Hopefully your Winter Wellness will be a little bit easier to achieve this year with the help of some of these tips from me and doTERRA!