I am often times asked about how I got started as a nurse entrepreneur and the skills necessary to build one’s own business. So what I thought I would do is start a series of blogs where I focus on a few of the essential skills that you need to become your own boss. Whether you are a nurse or not, this first skill is essential to everyone in business… Learning how to give an effective and memorable presentation.


We are all afraid of something. Even Indiana Jones had a fear of snakes! But what you probably didn’t know is that public speaking is actually one of the most commonly feared things. So what are some of my tips and suggestions for you if this is something you are worried about…


1. “You are uniquely you, and you contribute something that NOBODY else can!”

The old saying is true, practice makes perfect, and the more you force yourself to do something the more comfortable you will become and the more you will enjoy it. Your confidence will grow naturally. The truth is that no matter what topic you’re speaking about, whether it’s a passion of yours or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your spark, your personality, being yourself and speaking your truth. This is what people love and what they will relate to.

Me speaking at this year’s ONE Conference in San Diego. 2/3/19


2. “Comparison is the thief of joy!”

This may be the most important thing I’ve learned, and it also may be the hardest to achieve. Have you heard the saying “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end”? When we stop comparing ourselves to others, it allows us to appreciate what they bring to the table, and learn from them to better ourselves. There is not a limit to the amount of confidence allowed in one room! Another person’s success does not negate yours. Look at several people speaking about the same topic as a good thing. Everybody will have a different perspective, a different point of view. At the end of the day, our goals are all the same; to educate, help, and inspire others!


3. “Break the boundaries!”

If you feel like an opportunity may be outside of your comfort zone, chances are that is a sign you should probably take the risk and do it! This is the only way we can grow and expand not only as public speakers, but as business owners and as individuals. Too much of the same thing gets boring quickly. Inspiration comes from innovation.


4. “You DO have an interesting life!”

Small setbacks, major obstacles, little triumphs, huge accomplishments, pain, ambition, confusion, and everything in-between! One of the greatest lessons we can embrace in life is to be unapologetically ourselves. (Aren’t the people who exemplify this usually the ones who we admire the most?) When you speak in front of an audience, remember that every single person watching you also has a unique voice of their own that matters, yours just happens to be the one talking out loud at the moment! You don’t have to magnify or diminish your personality, just remove the barriers that keep you from actually showing it.

A few years ago I took a public speaking seminar from Kirk Duncan (Check it out here!)

Here is a quick overview that he shared on how to outline your very first presentation:

  • Introduce – tell a little bit about yourself and why you are qualified to be up in front
  • Inspire – tell a transformation story about yourself or a client
  • Instruct – teach your amazing content
  • Invite – ask the audience to do something – also known as your “call to action” – this might be an invitation to join your email newsletter list, join a free webinar, or the close for a sale

I love this simple system because it checks all the boxes of what you need to include, and I refer back to this all the time!