I can’t believe we are already almost all the way through summer.
Although this time of year always flies by, that doesn’t mean our healthy habits have to disappear along with it!  Here’s a summary of cleansing tips I want you to use to finish out your summer strong and continue throughout the rest of the year – and ultimately the rest of your life!


1. Eat Right

I personally think fall and winter are some of the hardest months to keep my diet on track, so knowing that there’s only one month left of summer really motivates me to keep it clean while I still find it easy!

Even those who have the cleanest of diets often fall short when it comes to meeting their body’s nutritional needs, which makes supplementing your diet with doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack critical for anybody seeking optimal health. Starting every day with LLV along with my breakfast and including it with dinner is the foundation of my daily cleansing.


2. Exercise

Speaking of habits that I find easier to keep up in the warmer seasons than in the colder… I believe exercising is another one! Burn off those extra calories by keeping increased physical activity at the forefront of your mind. Park farther away from the door, take the stairs instead of the elevator, if the distance is short enough then take your bike instead of your car, get off the bus one stop earlier, take a walk around your building during your break at work, etc. The list goes on!

Along with increasing your physical activity, this might also mean potentially increasing the occasional discomfort that can accompany these changes to your daily routine. As regular date nights at the movies or out to dinner became hikes and neighborhood bike rides, Deep Blue Soothing Blend and Deep BlueRub are the perfect companion.


3. Rest and Manage Stress

You never really appreciate how important rest and stress management are until a lack of them starts to negatively impact your overall health. Setting up a consistent bedtime routine with steps to address stress are key for overall health and well-being. This is where Lavender and Balance come in. Start each day by putting Balance on the bottoms of your feet to promote calmness, and end each day by diffusing Lavender as you prepare for sleep. The powerful combination of those two oils will help you maximize the times of the day that are meant for recovery.


4. Reduce Toxic Load

Reducing your toxic load is something I have talked about before in a blog that you can brush up on HERE.

This habit is becoming more and more important as research and data is increasingly supporting the notion that our environment and the toxic substances we expose ourselves to on a daily basis can have real long-term health effects. This has only strengthened my views about using natural products, minimizing exposure to toxins, and supporting the body’s natural pathways of detoxification. This means using citrus essential oils in a variety of contexts. Along with using doTERRA On Guard products around the house, I consume 1-3 drops of Grapefruit, Tangerine, or Lemon in water 3-5 times daily to provide the immune system, liver, and metabolic support I need to minimize my toxic load.


5. Self-Care 

Self-care is probably the most subjective and individual of all of these tips. I have found that the use of one specific product has a wide spectrum of benefits to promote well-being on a daily basis. In my experience, and validated by a growing body of scientific research, Frankincense is the go-to oil for support of overall health.


For more ways to keep up on your summer cleansing, check out my free E-book below!