I recently mentioned that you can PIG out in Cabo on any number of different food options. (See the list of my favorite things about Cabo in this blog post!)
Well, I am sure if you’ve ever been to Cabo, you have some favorite places to eat at too… but here are my recommendations:

1. If you want — Authentic Tacos 

Rossy’s Taco (in San Jose del Cabo) – It’s in the neighborhood a bit so head here right after you get off the plane. I would bet your taxi driver won’t mind if you buy him a taco too!

2. If you want — casual Beachside

The Office – For breakfast, lunch, and buckets of all day beer!

3. If you want — fancy Beachside 

Steak House at Quivara Golf Club – Make an early dinner reservation and watch the sunset over the Pacific.

4. If you want — Italian 

(Yes… italian) – Salvatores is a favorite for LARGE portions and traditional dishes.

My favorite is close to downtown and it’s called Alcaravea. They offer an early prix fixe 4-course dinner of a light but a decadent meal with your choice of fish, chicken, or steak!

5. If you want — Farm to Table

In the east-gate area of San Jose, go to Flora’s Farms

Metate in Cabo San Lucas (near the Costco)

There are others popping up all the time! Check out this list for more.

6. If you want — Vegan

I saw a spot in San Jose but didn’t have the chance to sample it…

When on vacay, do you like to eat traditional food from the region or do you like to eat the same kinds of meals you get at home? Do you enjoy a mixture of both comfort and adventure? Leave me your comments below!