I am a huge advocate for eliminating waste on our planet, and food waste is a HUGE problem.

The majority of food waste in America actually occurs right within our own homes, so by cutting back on the food we throw away at home, we could actually have the power to make a significant difference!

Food waste has a major negative effect on the following:

  • The environment
  • Climate change
  • Farming
  • Our wallets
  • The homeless/starving

(Learn more about this by viewing the Imperfect Product website)


So what is Imperfect Produce?

It is a food delivery box service that sends you imperfect or “ugly” produce that would otherwise be thrown away simply because of its shape or appearance! Just because a fruit or vegetable might be slightly misshapen doesn’t have any effect on the quality or safety of the food item, yet people would avoid eating it all the same if it looks less than perfect. (The phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes to mind!)

You can completely customize your food box delivery to ONLY contain the items that you want and eliminate the items you don’t want.



I love this company because not only are the prices lower than your average grocery store (hello saving money!!!), but it gives me a proactive way to contribute to reducing wasted produce and raising awareness for this problem! It’s also an excellent way to support farmers who have one of the most important jobs in the world.

Food waste is a massive problem with massive implications on our environment. Wasted food gobbles up 1/5 of our water supply and accounts for 1/5 of our landfill volume. Imperfect Produce helps us work towards a solution! Click To Tweet


If you’re like me and you love finding new ways to make a difference in society, sign up for your first Imperfect Produce box today by using my REFERRAL LINK!