The Kettle Bell Swing has been shown in several studies to be one of the most efficient high-intensity (HIIT) workouts.  If you aren’t yet familiar with the research on short high-intensity workouts (which are great for those of us who loathe the gym and have a buy schedule) – Click here. To get in a quick, heart-pumping 5-minute workout (although this is actually a warm-up to another workout) – watch this video.   If you are short on time, 5 minutes is better than nothing in my book, and sometimes I just do this sequence twice and follow with a quick stretch.
If you want to learn the fundamentals of the Kettle Bell Swing – watch these three quick videos (turn the volume all the way up.. it’s worth it).
#1 – Choosing the right weight Kettle Bell
#2 – Secret of the “Hip Snap”
#3 – Hinge, don’t squate
For a full 15-minute guided workout… watch this!