Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to get outside no matter the season or weather for activities like hiking, skiing, camping, and swimming… or if you simply live for those warm, sunny days of summer to appreciate the fresh air or to sit around the bonfire at night, take essential oils along for the ride!!

First and foremost is TerraShield Outdoor Blend. No matter the activity, everyone should keep this blend with them during their outdoor adventures. It is an effective, natural repellent that leaves out the nasty chemicals that are harmful to your body and smell terrible. For your convenience, it also comes in a 30 mL spray bottle.


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  • Going Out in the Sun

At the beach or the campground, everyone needs to get outside and enjoy some time in the sun for the mood-boosting and vitamin D benefits. However, make sure you pack these skin-friendly oils to keep cool and refreshed.

1. Peppermint: Apply in in a roller bottle directly to your skin when you need to cool down most. Or, add a few drops to a spray bottle with water for an all-over cool down. You can also drink it in your water for a refreshing boost.

2. Lavender: An excellent after-sun oil when you’ve spent all day out on the waves, use Lavender to soothe your skin. It can be combined with Peppermint for the greatest benefit to your skin.


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  • Dealing with Bugs

No matter where you are, the creepy crawlies are too. Avoid them, or soothe away irritation they cause with the help of these oils:

1. Arborvitae: An effective bug repellent in its own right, Arborvitae has a grounding woody scent. Make your own diffusers with a clothespin and felt, add oil, and clip them around your tent to ward off the creepy crawlies.

2. Peppermint: That’s right, not only does it help with the heat, it repels bugs naturally. Wear it on your skin or in diffuser jewelry.

3. Lemongrass: Rub into your skin right before hitting the trail to naturally repel insects, or diffuse outdoors on your porch or patio.

4. Purify: Bug bites happen—if you couldn’t keep all the bugs away, apply Purify directly to bug bites to soothe away irritation. Purify also helps with environmental threats.


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  • Combating Seasonal Threats

Don’t let potential problems keep you indoors, take these oils with you to fight back against seasonal threats when they occur.

1. TriEase Softgels: If you don’t have these on hand, you can also blend together Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in a Veggie Capsule.

2. doTERRA Breathe and Breathe Vapor Stick: Rub onto your chest, or add to your palms, cup your hands around your nose, and inhale the aroma to help minimize the effects of seasonal threats.

3. Lemon: Taken in a Veggie Capsule, Lemon can be helpful in assisting with seasonal respiratory discomfort.

4. Melaleuca: Taking Tea Tree oil internally provides protection against both environmental and seasonal threats.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to get outside no matter the season or weather, or if you simply live for those warm, sunny days of summer to appreciate the fresh air... take essential oils along for the ride! Click To Tweet


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  • General Body Care

Take care of yourself out there and give your body the soothing assistance it needs with these last two essential oils.

1. Frankincense: Sometimes our bodies just need something extra to feel right at the end of a long day outside. Massage into your hands and feet after a long day of hiking for a warming and soothing sensation.

2. Deep Blue: This cooling and warming essential oil blend is perfect for tired feet or muscles and can help you keep going. It’s also infused in the rich, topical cream of Deep Blue Rub for larger areas.