Organize All Your Blog + Social + Email Promotion in ONE Place!

Eliminate the endless email threads, piles of sticky notes, and the dozen and half moving pieces. Focus on the real work of writing top-notch content AND growing your audience.

This is not a dream… it is actually a solution to your social media marketing nightmare!!!

I don’t give recommendations often, but when I do they are whole-hearted. I hope that my recommendations – especially when related to business tools – will save you time and money so you can focus on the things you really love to do, expand your business, and serve more people.

Over the last year, I’ve put a lot of energy into writing blog articles and sharing helpful tips on social media, but I’ll be honest, this has been a very expensive endeavor… because it takes me a long time to write… and even when I hired others to help me write, I still had to spend time reviewing, rewriting and approving articles or posts.

I was desperate for a solution to help me (and my growing team) to simplify our process and to save us valuable time and money! As so many of us do when we need to find a solution to our problems, I searched YouTube and found a video about an online tool called CoSchedule that helped one blogger with her social media planning and scheduling all in one place.

What I love about CoSchedule:

1. You can manage several blogs and social media accounts all from one dashboard. This was a game changer for me since I create content for my two very different companies and businesses.

2. You can install a plug-in directly on your WordPress blog to write and schedule social media posts from there immediately. This is a huge time saver!!

*Create social media campaign from inside Word Press 

3. You can pre-schedule comments to posts.

4. You can create a long list of hashtags to include on posts and then assign a unique short-code to the system and add them quickly to new posts with just a few key strokes.

5. You can easily drag and drop social media posts in a calendar to space them out based on your marketing plan and goals. I sometimes don’t realize I have something else scheduled so this helps me see everything that is coming and where the gaps are.

*Calendar Drag-and-Drop feature

6. You can use a feature called “Re-Queue” to re-purpose your best performing posts with just one click.

7. Social Media Campaign Creation is easy and simple. Take one link (a blog, a favorite website,  an interesting internet article or other item of interest and re-purpose it to multiple platforms and accounts and choose which dates it will publish) — Easy peasy!

8. You can add task lists to each social media campaign or blog so that you can track what needs to happen next.

9. You can take your task lists and turn them into templates that you can easily add to new projects.

10. You can track the performance of each post!!

11. You can create a team profile (yes, it will cost more) but if you have a large team helping you, you can assign tasks to each of them so they can stay on task.

12. You can create a blog review just like this one and save 50% off your monthly fee!

Sync all your favorite tools and social platforms into one place, so you can focus on driving traffic to your blog (not jumping from one tool to the next). CoSchedule integrates with tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Evernote, Google Docs, MailChimp, Zapier, and more!

CoSchedule definitely has a learning curve so I will be planning a video review soon to show you exactly how I’ve been using it and all the flexibility and scalability it has.

I hope you’ll consider taking a look at this tool. The cost is more than worth it and can help you keep control of your content until/when you hire help for your blogging and social media marketing plan!

I’d love to know what you think when you try it, and if you don’t mind telling CoSchedule that I referred you, use my referral link which is HERE!

Happy Blogging and Posting!


(Images by CoSchedule)