Have you ever had a friend recommend something to you but you resisted for a while, and then once you finally gave in you wished you hadn’t waited so long…. Well, this is my story about Rothy’s shoes.

Rothy’s stores are showing up everywhere … on your social media feed and on the feet of your co-workers!


First off, I travel, I teach, I stand, I walk miles a day through hospitals, so a comfy shoe is a constant pursuit if not a daily necessity.

Over a year ago, my dear friend Lina told me to try Rothy’s but I couldn’t believe the hype. She promised they were comfy. She promised they were washable (and since she owned several pairs, I knew they were adorable). I looked them up and saw that they were $125 and thought that is too much for a flat! Then when browsing their website I saw that these shoes were also made from recycled plastic bottles and I’ll be honest… I think that is what intrigued me the most and finally sealed the deal!





Rothy’s come in four styles — The Point, The Flat, The Loafer and The Sneaker. They are a bit pricey, but I swear they are worth it, and I’m guessing they are probably not the most expensive shoe you or I have ever purchased either! But for a shoe that you could wear daily, throw in the wash, and keep wearing, Rothy’s are a steal at under $150 a pair.

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Rothy’s offers free shipping and easy exchanges (actually you just put a label on the shoe box and drop it in the mail). It couldn’t be easier and uses minimal packaging!



As a gift to myself for my birthday, I purchased the camo-style Loafers. I purchased a size 8 and they fit like a glove! The second pair were a birthday gift from my dad — The Sneaker, also in a size 8, and fits perfectly — and it’s become my favorite daily shoe to wear. My third pair was a bit more of a challenge, not just to choose the next style but to figure out the right size.

I started out with The Flat in Size 8, but it seemed to be a bit too big and gapped around my foot. I returned these and opted for a 7.5, but these seemed to be too tight. I was heading to San Francisco so I decided to take a trip to the store and figure out my exact sizing there and to see if there were any in-store exclusive styles that i couldn’t live without.


In the end I ended up swapping my 7.5 sized Flat for the Point in grey zebra! While I was at the store I tried the leopard patterned Loafer in 8.5 and I think I’ll move up a size in that next time… that half-size up made the Loafer feel more like a slipper (i.e. heaven).



As a bit of advice, the sales attendant I worked with at the store seemed to think that the light shades run a bit bigger than the darker shades… so you might keep that in mind when you are choosing your sizes.

Bottom line though, the exchange and return process is so easy that you truly don’t need to worry about making a mistake. You’ll just have to stay patient while they ship you the new pair in the mail.

I hope you try them soon… don’t be like me and wait and then regret you waited so long!!!

These washable shoes made from recycled plastic bottles are a blend of style, comfort and sustainability… that makes them a win-win-win for me. If you want to save $20 use my referral link: https://www.talkable.com/x/8rPGvV Click To Tweet